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NES Released?

2014-06-01 19:36:32 by Otto007

Hi I'm back again but not for long. No one is going to read this but if you were a friend of mine on here, you might remember that I made a post saying that I signed a petition for the NES and I wanted you guys to sign it too. Well, I thought for sure that it wasn't going to work. No one plays NES anymore and many don't even know what the hell what an NES is. Well, for those of you who play the more modern games today, the NES stands for Nintendo Entertainment System and you know how like today the format of games we play on are discs? Well the NES had none of that. They had cartridges similar to the ones we have today for 3DS and game boy except they were huge. I have no idea why the fuck I'm giving a history lesson about the NES so I'm just gonna cut to the chase. I was at Hastings last night to look for a game to rent. (Hastings by the way is just an entertainment store where they sell movies, games, music and books and stuff.) And while I was looking down at a shelf I noticed they were selling controllers. They were the type of controllers that you would not see in your local video store or gamestop today. They were NES controllers! Not only they had actual NES controllers that you would plug into your NES but they were also USB controllers. So you can use those controllers when you play on emulators or something. They even had games on cartridges. Unfortunately, they didn't have many games. They didn't even have the classics like super mario bros, or mega man or anything like that. They were mainly sports games but that's a start! But guess what? They also had Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64 and Sega Genesis games and controllers. Does this mean that the consoles will be released? Man I sure do hope so. 

And I'm sorry if I sound like I'm fan boying about this whole thing, but I've always wanted stores to sell classic games again. Of course theres the Nintendo E-shop on Wii U and 3DS that sells retro games but there are some people out there who collects these games and would rather have hard copies of them instead of just a file download on a console. Myself included. 


Well guess I will get off now. I might not be back till next year again. Take care everyone.


2013-07-03 23:31:19 by Otto007

Not really. Well, I've been playing some games on here to earn medals. Its kinda fun. So yeah, whats up people? How is everyone doing? I've been great. Moving onto my senior year of high school, and getting a job and car and shit. So yeah. Happy 4th of July. I've been watching fireworks in my neighborhood but everytime I hear fireworks, I go outside and take a look, and no one is setting them off. I stay there for like 5 minutes but still no fireworks. I go back inside, and what do you know! More fireworks that I just missed. Lol. Well, good bye for now.


2013-01-20 22:58:48 by Otto007

Looking back at the reviews I've posted on flash movies, games, and audio, I realize that I was one childish kid. Lol. Well whatever, I changed now. Um, now does anyone like, go on this site anymore? Well leave a comment and stuff... I'm bored. Oh wait... No one knows me. :P


2011-07-26 22:35:26 by Otto007

As you guys can probably already tell, I'm just sick of NG. If you guys want to chill with me or hang out with me just add me on sexbox-- I MEAN xbox!

GT: SiiK x Otto

Just felt like making a new post

2010-11-16 00:05:26 by Otto007

...................... CRACKERZ!!!!!

My internet is better now

2010-10-15 22:22:12 by Otto007

I just don't feel like making any posts or commenting on any flash vids. I will whenever I feel like it haha.

BTW if you guys want to add me on xbox, send me an FR. GT is: SiiK x Otto
I mostly play Call Of Duty so now you know what game I play

I just want to make a damn post

2010-06-22 00:12:20 by Otto007

Every time i want to post a new post my computer shuts down. this is BS!

whats the fucking point of making a new post when nobody remembers me? Except for tyler mariomaster and Dslash. you guys are cool

anyone still here?

2010-03-16 17:24:21 by Otto007

I haven't been here in a while so... IDK if the people that knew me still remember me...

I hate my internet connection...

2009-11-18 23:02:44 by Otto007


Anyways. So its my 1 year anniversary on NG, But its too late to celebrate it. So Ive be a part of NG since 11-1-08 and so, Hurray for me! :D

I think my teachers gay...

2009-10-27 20:29:04 by Otto007

He was singing "Never gonna give you up" in front of the whole class and went on the internet finding the song and played it and came up to one student (No not the kind of came of ja**ing off) and sang it to him... It was kind of disturbing...